ICANN requires that all domain name owners maintain working email addresses AND accurate contact details for their domain names. All Registrars are required to suspend any email address that is not working or verified by the domain name owner. Registrars must also suspend domain names due to inaccurate data in other fields, such as name and telephone number. This domain name has been suspended because of an unverified or non-working email address associated with the domain name, or due to suspected inaccurate contact data. This includes both the customer account and the Registrant Whois contact details. FOR NON-WORKING EMAIL ADDRESSES To restore service to this domain name, owners must update either their account or Registrant Whois email address to a valid email address. You can do this now by logging into your EnCirca customer account. FOR UN-VERIFIED EMAIL ADDRESSES If you feel that BOTH of your account and Registrant email addresses are currently ACCURATE, then you may perform an emergency re-activation on your domains. This will also trigger a re-sending of the verification email to you. If you do not complete the verification, then your domains will be suspended again. Perform emergency re-activation now. FOR INACCURATE CONTACT DETAILS In addition to a valid email address, your other contact details must be accurate as well. This includes: Name, Organization, Postal Address, and Telephone Number. All Registrars must suspend domains if registrants do not correct inaccurate data in their contact details. Please review your Customer account and Whois contacts to make sure all data displayed is accurate. Failure to correct inaccurate data will result in a permanent suspension of the domain name.